Are you ready for Halloween?

Hi Humans, 

I hope you had a pawesome weekend!

With Halloween only 10 days away, I wanted to ask you: Are you dressing up your pooch for Halloween?

If you are, we’d love to see some photos!

Next week’s special Halloween blog will be dedicated to your dogs, so please email us your best photos to, and we will feature them on our special Halloween blog. We will also give a free month of DOGTV to anyone who sends us a cool photo.

Are you ready?

Good luck, and have a happy Halloween!

p.s – check out this coool video!


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October – Adopt a dog month

Hi Humans, 

I hope you had a nice weekend.

October is “Adopt a dog month“. This month is a great way to remind people and encourage them to adopt a rescue or shelter dog and add some extra love to your life!

Your local shelter is the perfect place to find dogs of every type, size, age and personality — all waiting for a loving home. Or, if you prefer a particular breed that isn’t currently available at a shelter, go online to find a breed-specific rescue group in need of adopters like you. You can also go to the great app PETMATCH and adopt the dog of your dreams!

There is no better time to adopt a dog. October may be adopt a dog month, but it’s adopt a dog year all year long, so go out, and get a new friend!

Good luck, and enjoy!

Have a pawesome week,






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Meet The Tiger Frances Foundation

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, its the only way it ever has.”
- Margaret Mead   

Hi Humans, 

Today I’d like to share some words from the awesome Tiger Frances Foundation, because I really think you should all meet them!

Here we go:


“The Tiger Frances Foundation is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our purpose it to eliminate the abuse of animals. We believe that animals are the world’s purest embodiment of unconditional love. Yet this very nature makes them the target for abuse. Many animals suffering in undesirable situations and shelters are deemed unadoptable. We disagree. More often that not, these animals just need a little more time, a little more patience, and a little more love. Our work has proved this.

TTFF will provide a safe haven of love and support for animals in need. With your help, we will educate and promote our philosophy and experiences through publications, products, public programs, and politics. We want to be the pebble in the pond, the first action that inspires ripples of kindness and love”

The Tiger Frances Foundation was born from the hearts of two animal lovers, Jude McVay and Maggie Lawson!


Jude McVay
(323) 252.7971
Above, Jude is with her first rescues, Tiger and Frances.
They were rescued in 1996 from an abandoned pet
Maggie Lawson

Here is Maggie with her first rescue, Popcorn.  Popcorn was found in a dumpster at a Hardee’s fast food restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky on Christmas Eve 1990

Feel free to visit The Tiger Frances Foundation here

See dogs for adoption here


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Meet Harley

Hi Humans, 

I hope you had a great weekend. We’ve recently packed up our successful “My Dog is Cool” contest, and announced Munster as our #1 winner. I’d like to congratulate Munster on his victory, and wish him joy, happiness, and success as the new star of DOGTV.

Today, however, I would like to write about Harley, the second place in the “My Dog is Cool” contest. Harley is a true hero, and  the spokesdog against puppy mills.

So on today’s post, I would like to ask you to take a few minutes, and read Harley’s story:

“Hello! My name is Harley and I’m a spokesdog against puppy mills. Please read my biography, I worked long and hard to write it. Thanks!



It’s true, as many of you may have suspected, I was born in a horrible puppy mill. I started out a cute little brindle colored Chihuahua pup, but in a very short time I was pretty grungy, I suppose I looked the color of dirt. I had my own wire cage to live it, it was small, the wire floor made my feet hurt, but I got used to it. I didn’t wish for a bed, a toy, a bone or even clean water, I didn’t know what those things were. Humans were my enemy, never a kind word, never a loving hand – actually, I didn’t know what those things were. My job was to help make babies – not sure how many kids I have out there, maybe hundreds, thousands? The years all ran together, nothing ever changed, I got older, more crippled and then the cough started. I was in heart failure. The puppy mill people didn’t want me anymore, they considered tossing me in a bucket, as is, still breathing… but I was lucky because a woman (who had a heart) and worked for the puppy mill, took me away and turned me over to a rescue.Everything changed! My rescuer, Barbara, wrote about my first night in freedom, March 18, 2011: “He is small, but also badly crippled on the back legs and walks with his elbows out on the front legs, and he carries his head low to take weight off the back legs. His nails are so long. He has one eye missing, etc. His mouth is full of rot. He is so very sweet. As soon as I got him I bathed him, he was frightened, but stood still. I soaped him up 3 times to get the stench off him. I then towel dried him and put a sweater on him to keep him warm. I cleaned his ears, which were nasty and clipped his nails as much as I dared. He is about 5lbs and sable colored. He’s loved me since the moment I took him. He slept with me, the first time he’s ever slept in a soft place, or bed. He wanted to snuggle so close and he licked me over and over, I let him even though his breath was so bad! He will go to the vet the first of the week to see if he is strong enough to withstand anesthesia for a neuter and dental. In anticipation, I started him on antibiotics.

He has diarrhea, parasites and some other issues. This boy has waited a long time for this freedom, and while we have to play games and be nice to the breeders who so badly neglect, it is necessary in order to save the dogs. We will find him a wonderful home, with someone who will adore and love him for whatever time he has left.”

The vet worked on me a few times, I got neutered, most of my teeth were pulled, I was x-rayed so they could figure out my spinal problems – the cramped cage I’d live in most my life was hard on my bones. I have congestive heart failure, my stomach and lungs were filled with fluid, it was even coming out my nose, and I have a level 4 murmur. Plus a few other things… broken tail, my toes are a little deformed since my nails were never cut, arthritis in a few places, my eye has cataracts, yep, I was a basket case. You may have noticed that I only have 1 eye? They don’t take us dogs out of the cages to clean ‘em, instead they just power wash us along with the cages. I had a couple buddies with no eyes.

When my mom and dad heard about me they knew I was meant to be with them. So mom did her best to convince Barbara to let them adopt me. They drove to the middle of Kansas and met Barbara. Two of my sisters, Cricket and Zoie (rip sweet one) came along too. They cuddled with me during the long ride home. They didn’t care that I was a bloated, sickly old mill dog, my entire family loved me instantly and I loved them back.

My new vet didn’t think I’d live 3 months, but I’ve proven her wrong. It’s been over 3 years already and I’m still goin’ strong. Sure, I have my slow days, but don’t we all?”

Love, Harley

If you wish to contact Harley, feel free to write to him here.



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Doggie Play Time

Doggie Play Time: Creative Ways to Use Your Smartphone for Your Dog

Dog owners are always looking for new ways to make their pups happy. Getting your dog outside and moving is good for their health, and taking your dog on walks, playing chase in the yard and getting out their excess energy is fun for you. But daily life can be draining; we don’t always have time to run around the yard with our dogs. However, technology is reinventing the way we play with our dogs through creative apps and games. Here are a few to download with just one click:

Apps for Dog Dates

DoggyDatez is the perfect app for owners who want their dogs to interact with others. The app uses GPS location to track where you take your pup in the real world. You can “mark your territory” to put your location into the app for other dog owners to find. The app also is a fun game for the owners through the accumulation of “dog miles,” which allow you to go into other marked territories for play dates. Search for users by owner age, owner gender, dog age, dog gender and dog breed. This allows you to chose the dogs you want to interact with based on your dog’s behavior. This app is a great blend of person-to-person and dog-to-dog interaction.

Dog-Friendly Apps

Using the well known website, the app is the one you need to find dog-friendly hotels, B&Bs, parks, attractions, beaches, stores and off-the-leash stores in your area. Whether you are going on vacation and need to find a hotel that will allow you to bring your dog or you are just looking for a dog-friendly restaurant, this app will give you the freedom to explore and bring your dog on a new adventure.

Toy Apps

Is your pup full of energy? Get the Dog Teaser app to play different sounds that will get your dog moving. Sounds included are dog barking, door bell, door knock, meow, squeaky toy and dog whistle. Be sure to pair these noises with a toy or bone for your dog to play with. You’ll get Fido’s attention with each of the noises and can play however you choose.

SQUEAKER! Dog Toy Noise Maker is another dog toy app. This one opens up a squeaky toy on your screen that will make noise as you shake your phone. Your dog will love the noise, so be sure to be ready to play. You can choose from a variety of options in your virtual toy box, so your pup can play in different ways.

Apps for Dog Tricks

52 Dog Tricks is the app for any owner looking to teach their dog impressive and practical tricks. New owners with puppies will love the app because it starts at the basics: teaching your dog its name, to sit, to stay and to lie down. Designed as a year long program, you can teach your dog a new trick once a week. Or, go at your own pace and teach your dog a few tricks each week. Instructions are step by step and will give you tips on how to get your dog to follow your commands.

Technology for Playing

Each of these apps are easy to download and easy to use. Technology is making it easier for us to interact with our pets, so get out there with your pup and try these apps today.


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Monitor your dog!

Hi Humans, 

I hope you and your dogs had a pawesome weekend!

We all want to improve the well being of our fury friends. It is especially true since the can’t tell us how they feel so it is up to us to be proactive about tracking signs of health or sickness, content or discomfort. We want to make sure they are happy when they are left alone. We want to have the peace of mind that they are feeling well even if we are not always there to watch them.

Vital signs are measurable physiologic parameters that relate to basic body functions. They are recorded routinely when you take your pet to the veterinarian as a part of any physical exam. No health evaluation of a dog or cat is complete without the measurement of vital signs, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could track the vital signs continuously, even when not at the vet?

Why is it important to track or measure vital signs?

Since vital signs relate to basic body functions, disease states or emotional stress very frequently alter these parameters. Therefore, measuring vital signs or tracking them remotely when the dog is left alone will help detect the presence of a medical condition, anxiety or stress.

What exactly are your dog’s vital signs?

In veterinary medicine we mainly deal with 3 parameters, commonly referred to as TPR:

  • Temperature
  • Pulse
  • Respiration

Additional complementary data is routinely collected, including activity level, appetite, pain score, and more.

Is there a way to monitor my dog’s vital signs when I’m not with my dog?

DOGTV’s partner PetPace provides a smart collar that continuously, remotely and non-invasively monitors your dog’s vitals and other health related parameters and provides alerts when a suspicious condition is developing. The alerts and data also go to your veterinarian to help you get that peace of mind.

To learn more or to purchase a collar go to

For a limited time, DogTV viewers will receive a special discount on PetPace subscription.



PetPace will provide 3 months of monitoring subscription to all our blog readers who have purchased their collar. Please act fast as the deal expires on 9/15/2014.

To learn more or to purchase the collar and receive the offer go to

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Is your dog COOL?

Hi Humans, 

I hope you had a great long weekend!

I wanted to invite you all to join DOGTV and Zynga’s super cool contest – MY DOG IS COOL.

There is still plenty of time to submit your photo, so please submit it now.

We have amazing prizes for the coolest dogs, including tablets and a flight to San Francisco!

Here what you have to do:

I wish you and your dog – good luck!



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How dog friendly is San Francisco?

Hi Humans,

I hope you’re having a pawesome week!

I wanted to share with you today a little story:

Recently me and the rest of the DOGTV team have moved to San Francisco. One of the reasons we chose San Francisco as our headquarters is because we learned, during the past few years, that it is extremely dog friendly. It even topped Animal Planet’s top 10 list of dog friendly cities! “San Francisco is not only one of America’s best-loved tourist destinations - it’s also a great getaway destination for dogs and their human companions” according to Animal Planet in their  Top 10 Pet-Friendly Destinations guide.

So all is great? well, not quite. Arriving in SF,  I was really surprise to learn how difficult it is to find an apartment, which allows dogs in it. My wife and myself have seen so many beautiful apartments, which we both loved – but non of them allowed dogs.

Errr…Another dog-less apartment!

Rental search website Lovely reports that just 17 percent of the rental apartments on their site specifically indicate that dogs are accepted, compared with 40 percent in Los Angeles and 48 percent in Chicago. When you look at other cities and metros across the United States, San Francisco is on the extreme low end in terms of listings that allow pets,” says Lovely co-founder Blake Pierson. “Which is odd, because you see so many pets in San Francisco. It’s such an outdoorsy area. You wonder where all these pets live.”

This situation is both sad an annoying. I guess wherever demand exceeds supply there is an opportunity for landlords to charge more money, ask for crazy guarantees – and refuse pets. Dogs cause enormous damages, they say, and strictly ban pets in their apartments.

And we? all we really wanted was a small chihuahua…Maybe in the next apartment :(

What do you think? Do you find it easy to find an apartment for you and your pooch? Do you have any tips for me? Please, share in the comments!


Have a nice week,





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Why We Just Can’t Resist Our Canine Friends

Hi Humans!

I hope you had a pawesome weekend!

Today’s guest blogger is Korie Cantor, a writer and a pet expert. Careful – an extra sweet post this week!

Have you noticed how people with pets are usually happier than the rest of us? That is what a pet does to you. It infuses positivity, energy and joy into your life. It gives you a good hug when you are down in the dumps. It licks your face, wags its tail and keeps putting its paws on you till it does not see at least a hint of smile on your face. These fur balls are truly our all-weather friends. The pictures below show us just that- pet love in all its glory.

And You Really Thought You Would Have to Look After Us!


Image Courtesy:

Contrary to what we think, pets are actually quite self-sufficient. So while we may think that they need us and we need to take care of them, think again. Isn’t it the other way round? Who do you think would greet you with so much love and enthusiasm as your furry super-enthusiastic friend when you return home after a long day?

Move over Superman and Batman. Doggyman is Here!

Image Courtesy:

Why fear when Doggyman is here! Holds true when you have such strapping, handsome and strong dogs in your home, right? And girls, no guy will dare break your heart when you have these canine heroes in your home. Boys beware!

Who is Cooler Now?

Image Courtesy:

Heading to the beach in cool shades and bandanna, I wonder which girl is going to be able to resist this dude! Not even Miss USA I think. When you are strolling with this cool thing, you should know he is going to take the attention away from you and your just acquired washboard abs. But that’s worth the sacrifice for the awesome company he is!

Christmas Is Always Just around the Corner

 Image Courtesy:

Having one of them is a party, with three of them it will be a festive time throughout the year. They will run, dance, and jump on you together and you will find more happiness and love in that squashed moment than you’ve found anywhere else. But festive time is also shopping time and in this case, three babies equal thrice the fun and thrice the shopping! Na, the fourth one is just a soft toy!

The Best Babysitter Ever!

Image Courtesy:

That dogs and babies don’t gel is a myth. (Though the dog in the picture above must be an exceptionally well-trained one.) Let your dog and baby get to know each other with you around, and watch the close friendship evolve before your eyes. Your baby will be taken care of and pampered by your pooch like no one else can. And you will also have the best babysitter ever!

Yes! Oh Yes! I Got the Dog Treat Freebie!

 Image Courtesy:

You cannot miss this doggy dance for anything; in fact, you should be joining in too. I can almost hear this dog saying, “Dance like no one is watching baby because I have got the dog treat freebie. And yes, don’t even bother thanking me for all those calories you will lose when you dance with me!”

Ha! Tell Me Now That You Can Resist Me


 Image Courtesy:

 You know you are slowly falling in love with these cuties and can’t wait to have one of them. Guess what? They know that too! Dogs can feel love and affection the moment they look into your eyes. Get a dog. Give him a home, a family, and unlock the doors of happiness, love, loyalty, and not to forget eternal cuteness, forever.



Author Bio

Korie Cantor has been working as a freelance writer for a long time. She has a diverse background in pet’s health. She loves sharing her opinions on the latest issues affecting dogs and also recommends to use freebies product samples.

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Driven to Bark

Hi Humans, 

Every year, countless dogs die in cars due to extreme temperatures. Despite this, only 15 states have statutes that specifically prohibit leaving an animal unattended in a confined vehicle. Our friends at Petplan pet insurance believe this is a national issue – and that animals need a stronger voice and stronger protection. That’s why they’re petitioning the Obama Administration to encourage all states to enact laws prohibiting animals from being left unattended in cars, exposing them to dangerously hot or cold temperatures.

If 100,000 people sign the petition in 30 days, we get our paws in the door of The White House, potentially paving the way to save the countless numbers of animals who die in hot or cold cars every single year.

Petplan Chief Veterinary Medical Officer, Dr. Jules Benson, shares his own heartbreaking story of just one such dog in this video:

Support this cause? sign the petition now!


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