How dog friendly is San Francisco?

Hi Humans,

I hope you’re having a pawesome week!

I wanted to share with you today a little story:

Recently me and the rest of the DOGTV team have moved to San Francisco. One of the reasons we chose San Francisco as our headquarters is because we learned, during the past few years, that it is extremely dog friendly. It even topped Animal Planet’s top 10 list of dog friendly cities! “San Francisco is not only one of America’s best-loved tourist destinations - it’s also a great getaway destination for dogs and their human companions” according to Animal Planet in their  Top 10 Pet-Friendly Destinations guide.

So all is great? well, not quite. Arriving in SF,  I was really surprise to learn how difficult it is to find an apartment, which allows dogs in it. My wife and myself have seen so many beautiful apartments, which we both loved – but non of them allowed dogs.

Errr…Another dog-less apartment!

Rental search website Lovely reports that just 17 percent of the rental apartments on their site specifically indicate that dogs are accepted, compared with 40 percent in Los Angeles and 48 percent in Chicago. When you look at other cities and metros across the United States, San Francisco is on the extreme low end in terms of listings that allow pets,” says Lovely co-founder Blake Pierson. “Which is odd, because you see so many pets in San Francisco. It’s such an outdoorsy area. You wonder where all these pets live.”

This situation is both sad an annoying. I guess wherever demand exceeds supply there is an opportunity for landlords to charge more money, ask for crazy guarantees – and refuse pets. Dogs cause enormous damages, they say, and strictly ban pets in their apartments.

And we? all we really wanted was a small chihuahua…Maybe in the next apartment :(

What do you think? Do you find it easy to find an apartment for you and your pooch? Do you have any tips for me? Please, share in the comments!


Have a nice week,





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Why We Just Can’t Resist Our Canine Friends

Hi Humans!

I hope you had a pawesome weekend!

Today’s guest blogger is Korie Cantor, a writer and a pet expert. Careful – an extra sweet post this week!

Have you noticed how people with pets are usually happier than the rest of us? That is what a pet does to you. It infuses positivity, energy and joy into your life. It gives you a good hug when you are down in the dumps. It licks your face, wags its tail and keeps putting its paws on you till it does not see at least a hint of smile on your face. These fur balls are truly our all-weather friends. The pictures below show us just that- pet love in all its glory.

And You Really Thought You Would Have to Look After Us!


Image Courtesy:

Contrary to what we think, pets are actually quite self-sufficient. So while we may think that they need us and we need to take care of them, think again. Isn’t it the other way round? Who do you think would greet you with so much love and enthusiasm as your furry super-enthusiastic friend when you return home after a long day?

Move over Superman and Batman. Doggyman is Here!

Image Courtesy:

Why fear when Doggyman is here! Holds true when you have such strapping, handsome and strong dogs in your home, right? And girls, no guy will dare break your heart when you have these canine heroes in your home. Boys beware!

Who is Cooler Now?

Image Courtesy:

Heading to the beach in cool shades and bandanna, I wonder which girl is going to be able to resist this dude! Not even Miss USA I think. When you are strolling with this cool thing, you should know he is going to take the attention away from you and your just acquired washboard abs. But that’s worth the sacrifice for the awesome company he is!

Christmas Is Always Just around the Corner

 Image Courtesy:

Having one of them is a party, with three of them it will be a festive time throughout the year. They will run, dance, and jump on you together and you will find more happiness and love in that squashed moment than you’ve found anywhere else. But festive time is also shopping time and in this case, three babies equal thrice the fun and thrice the shopping! Na, the fourth one is just a soft toy!

The Best Babysitter Ever!

Image Courtesy:

That dogs and babies don’t gel is a myth. (Though the dog in the picture above must be an exceptionally well-trained one.) Let your dog and baby get to know each other with you around, and watch the close friendship evolve before your eyes. Your baby will be taken care of and pampered by your pooch like no one else can. And you will also have the best babysitter ever!

Yes! Oh Yes! I Got the Dog Treat Freebie!

 Image Courtesy:

You cannot miss this doggy dance for anything; in fact, you should be joining in too. I can almost hear this dog saying, “Dance like no one is watching baby because I have got the dog treat freebie. And yes, don’t even bother thanking me for all those calories you will lose when you dance with me!”

Ha! Tell Me Now That You Can Resist Me


 Image Courtesy:

 You know you are slowly falling in love with these cuties and can’t wait to have one of them. Guess what? They know that too! Dogs can feel love and affection the moment they look into your eyes. Get a dog. Give him a home, a family, and unlock the doors of happiness, love, loyalty, and not to forget eternal cuteness, forever.



Author Bio

Korie Cantor has been working as a freelance writer for a long time. She has a diverse background in pet’s health. She loves sharing her opinions on the latest issues affecting dogs and also recommends to use freebies product samples.

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Driven to Bark

Hi Humans, 

Every year, countless dogs die in cars due to extreme temperatures. Despite this, only 15 states have statutes that specifically prohibit leaving an animal unattended in a confined vehicle. Our friends at Petplan pet insurance believe this is a national issue – and that animals need a stronger voice and stronger protection. That’s why they’re petitioning the Obama Administration to encourage all states to enact laws prohibiting animals from being left unattended in cars, exposing them to dangerously hot or cold temperatures.

If 100,000 people sign the petition in 30 days, we get our paws in the door of The White House, potentially paving the way to save the countless numbers of animals who die in hot or cold cars every single year.

Petplan Chief Veterinary Medical Officer, Dr. Jules Benson, shares his own heartbreaking story of just one such dog in this video:

Support this cause? sign the petition now!


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whatever happens in vegas (is posted on this blog!)

Hi Humans, 

I hope you had a nice weekend!

Last week we attended SuperZoo, the annual show for pet retailers in Las Vegas.

It was so great to walk around, meet enthusiastic pet product companies and inventors, who are really working hard to contribute their best ideas to this wonderful industry.

While strolling between the booths, I noticed more and more technology based inventions.

The smart collars are really becoming trendy, with Tagg, PetPace, Whistle, Voyce and others leading this fabulous idea of monitoring your pet when not at home.






One of the coolest inventions that I ran into at SuperZoo, was a device that allows the dog parent communicate with his or her dog via video call, essentially Skype for dogs. (BTW, this is what  happens when your dog Skypes).

Products such as Petchatz and iCPooch even enable the owner to release a treat via his or her smartphone while chatting with the dog! Pretty cool, huh?!.

I was surprised to learn that the iCPooch Founder is the lovely Brooke Martin, who is only 14 years old. iCPooch was born as a result of an 8th grade school project at an intense 54 hour event called Startup Weekend Spokane, held in September of 2012 at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.

I was delighted to meet Brooke, and to see how passionate she is about her brainchild.

I can’t wait to see what else this growing industry will bring us. As long as it can improve the lives of pets around the world, I’m all for it.

Have a pawesome week!



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How to Get Your Shy Pooch out of Its Shell

Hi Humans,

I hope you all had a nice weekend, and that you did some cool things with your dogs.

Today’s guest blogger is Nicola Reynor,  a community manager for the cool website Dog Love It. Nicola is here to share her thoughts and experiences about getting shy dogs up and running!

Shy and fearful dogs need a lot of help and support to build confidence and lead a happy life. They require regular doses of patience and leadership to come into their own. The progress is slow, but the returns are more than worth it.

Shyness and timidity are not just puppy traits; they can also develop as a young dog matures. Often the dog is not introduced to different people, animals, places and sounds during its socialization period or has faced emotional trauma or abuse, or has just not gotten enough social interaction. These factors can often make a dog unusually shy or fearful.

Shy canines often overreact to out-of-context occurrences at home. For example, a car backfiring too loudly in the driveway will startle a confident dog, but a fearful dog in contrast, may urinate before running to hide under the bed. In some cases it may even turn and snap at the person closest. If you feel your dog has severe fear issues, it would be a good idea to get an opinion from a veterinary behaviourist.

Since shy dogs are prone to overreacting, their owners tend to baby them a lot. Always understand that comforting a frightened dog may be perceived as a reward by the canine and can actually reinforce the fear. The owner should always try and build confidence in the dog by establishing a close relationship and providing a calm, orderly and predictable environment.










Know Which Situations Scare Your Dog

Fearful responses are far more easily learned than unlearned in canines. The more time your dog spends feeling anxious, the deeper the groove gets worn. Try and create an environment that doesn’t startle or scare them too much.

Watch out for signs that your dog is getting anxious about something. If your dog starts to breathe faster or stares fixedly at something, know that all is not well. Take your cues, and create distance between your dog and the object scaring him.

Living in an urban environment will expose your dog to loud noises, both human and machine, as well as interaction with people. Make sure your dog has been familiarized with the surroundings you live in; most fear instincts in dogs arise because they are not entirely comfortable with their surroundings. (DOGTV’s “Exposure” programs are an excellent way to desensitize dogs to most fears, R.L)

How to Reinforce Confidence in Your Dog:

  • Have a kennel or a separate sleeping area for your dog. This can be a routine go-to hideout for the dog on regular nights and when you are not home. It will help build confidence and help assure the dog that it is safe and secure.
  • If you have a new dog in your home, keep it on a leash for the first few days. Have him follow you from room to room as you go about your routine. This helps in comforting a shy dog and build trust, telling him that you are his leader and protector.
  • Take your pup with you when running errands. This will help the pup get introduced to other people and dogs. Make sure you have the situation under control at all times, or it may turn out to be traumatic for your pooch if someone starts cuddling him too fiercely.
  • When your dog is new, do not let him run loose in the backyard as he may be hesitant to return inside the house it has still not broken into. Walk him on a leash and introduce him to the yard until he is comfortable and at home.
  • When your dog starts acting fearfully, ignore the behavior and try to redirect his attention elsewhere. Petting or comforting him would only reinforce this behavior.
  • Take the dog out for walks at least twice a day. It helps build confidence and strengthen the bond between the owner and the dog.
  • Playing with your dog every day is a must. Dogs need to play so as to build confidence. Games that draw the dog to you are best. Avoid games that pit the dog against you.
  • Keep your actions around the dog deliberate. Fast or sudden movements, yelling, or children racing through rooms slamming doors should be avoided.
  • Instruct guests and especially children to ignore the dog until it approaches them. If the dog approaches them, they can scratch it under the chin. Avoid eye contact and frontal alignment. Patting the dog on the head or hugging it may be perceived as threatening.
  • Do not force the dog to approach someone or something he is afraid of. Give him distance and time before redirecting his attention.
  • Make sure there is a clear routine for your dog and that it knows the rules
  • Obedience training should be a part of the dog’s daily routine
  • Under no circumstances should you physically punish the dog. This will only serve to frighten him further and break the bond between a dog and its owner.
  • Taking a dog back to a housebreaking incident and shoving his nose in it will only confuse the dog further. This will be detrimental to your training efforts. Instead prevent such accidents and provide constant supervision to the dog during the training phase.
  • If your dog is shy around other dogs, begin by introducing him to a friendly and relatively calm canine. As he gets comfortable, introduce him to dogs of larger sizes and more active demeanor. This can take a little time, so be patient.

Make sure your pup, or dog, is well-trained. As your dog finds more positive things to focus on he will gradually come out of his shell and be more confident. Always ensure that your dog is in a comfortable and familiar environment. If you move a lot take time out to introduce your dog to your new living area.

Forcing your dog to go against its grain will only serve to estrange the bond between the two of you.. Be patient, dogs take more time to translate past lessons to new situations. At the end of the day, the dog always follows the cues of its owner. So be the leader of the pack, and show your scared pooch how it’s done.

Nicola Reynor is a community manager and web presence strategist for Dog Love It, the  doggy supply store. In her spare time, she loves to go hiking with her two dogs and catch the latest movies with her friends.












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Well-being in Dogs

Hi Humans,

I hope you had a pawesome weekend!

Today’s guest post is by Dr. Asaf Dagan, DVM, the Chief Veterinary Scientist of PetPace, the smart collar which monitors your pet’s well being. So what is “well being” all about really? Let’s discover…

“Well-being” is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous”. The meaning of this definition is obvious when it comes to people but how does well-being translate to the animal world? Can Fluffy be happy in the same way a human can? Is he healthy and prosperous? How can we tell?

The human psyche is undoubtedly a little more complex than that of a dog or a cat (well maybe not a cat, but definitely a dog’s psyche…). For example, a human state of happiness is not necessarily based on objective criteria. That is why some people may “have it all” but still remain unhappy. Pets, on the other hand, don’t need much to be happy or to achieve “well-being”. If a dog is healthy, free of pain, receives his meals on time (plus the occasional treat), gets regular trips to the park, and most important of all – a little bit of attention from the owners, I’m pretty sure you can check “happy” next to its Facebook status.

However, herein lies the big question – how can we say for sure that our beloved dog is indeed healthy or free of pain?

Pets, despite their strong connection with their human family, are still animals driven by natural instincts and reflexes. In the wild when an animal shows signs of weakness or illness it becomes vulnerable and may lose certain privileges like mating or a prime spot in the line for choice foods. Therefore, animals’ survival instinct calls for concealing any weakness or deficiency.

One of the ways in which this instinct is manifested in our domesticated canids is that dogs do their best to hide their ailments or discomforts. Even the most devoted and observant of owners won’t notice the subtle symptoms that develop in the early phases of a chronic disease. When owners do notice that something is wrong with their dog, it means that it can no longer hide the symptoms, or in the veterinary jargon, the animal had decompensated. Usually, by the time the pet is presented to the veterinarian the disease is already at an advanced stage. It is essential to understand that this fact is due to these remnants of wild nature in our pets and not because of negligence or lack of awareness by the owner.

Too many pet owners are lured into a false sense of confidence that because they know their dog so well (and in fact they do!) they will immediately know when he or she is sick. A recent large-scale study showed that roughly 30% of pets suffer from a significant health condition while their owners report that they are healthy.

The same goes for pain. Pain is probably the most common, under-diagnosed condition afflicting pets. In addition to the dog’s efforts to act as if all is ok, many owners erroneously think that if their dog or cat doesn’t cry or wail then they are not in pain. The result is that we don’t have the capability to accurately assess our pets’ well-being.

That is precisely the problem that we at PetPace set up to solve. The PetPace collar is a unique, patented, high-tech collar that continuously (and non-invasively) monitors a pet’s well-being status. Through continuous measurements of a range of physiological and behavioral parameters, smart analytics and a huge database for comparison, PetPace can achieve early detection of diseases. The collar can spot those early changes, which go unnoticed and alert the owner or the veterinarian that some problem is brewing and action needs to be taken. This early detection means saving Fluffy unnecessary suffering and ensures its consistent (and scientifically confirmed) well-being.

Dr. Asaf Dagan, DVM, DABVP, CVA, LLB

Chief Veterinary Scientist

PetPace LTD

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Music is Fun!

Hi Humans, 

I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend! I also hope your dogs enjoyed the special “Relaxation” programming we’ve created especially for them, to feel calm and relaxed during this scary day. Research shows that dogs are more calm and relaxed listening to classical music, especially music that is played and arrange in a simple way. DOGTV’s musicians are continuing to compose music for dogs (called Psychoacoustic music) in a clear goal to create an extra soothing environment for dogs, especially when home alone.

Today I am happy to announce that Andrew Dost from the band Fun, has joined us and is now  creating music for DOGTV!

Andrew is a huge dog lover, and was thrilled to work on composing music for dogs. And, needless to say, we are thrilled to have him on board. Here is one song that Andrew beautifully composed for DOGTV:

To celebrate the music of Andrew Dost on DOGTV, we present: Dogs Rock! Giveaway.

Want to win t-shirts signed by Andrew Dost? Want to get free DOGTV?

Just click here!

Have a FUN week everyone!


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Fido and Fireworks—Sometimes Not a Good Combination

A special guest post by Prof Nicholas Dodman, DOGTV’s Chief Scientist 

For most of us July 4th means fireworks and hotdogs.  Both of these are fun for us, but the former can be a real problem for some noise-sensitive dogs.

Dogs with fireworks phobia may positively shake with fear, anxiously drool saliva, pace, pant and try to hide as the sound of fireworks exploding and crackling begins.  Rule number one is that if your dog is scared of fireworks, don’t allow him to be exposed to them.  If you live in a location where a major fireworks display is slated for the 4th of July, such as Boston or New York City, see if a friend or relative who lives far way can look after your dog until the festivities are over.

Failing that option, you must provide a “safe place” for your dog to go when the fireworks begin.

A basement is ideal because most homes are semi-subterranean and have small windows that can be blocked off.  Alternatively, a relatively sound-proof room with heavy curtains may do the trick.  That way the sound and sight of fireworks is eliminated or attenuated.  In this safe place, play soothing music—try playing CDs such as Through a Dog’s Ear or Canine Lullabies—at a reasonably high level to mask any muffled sounds that may penetrate the relative quiet of your dog’s new den.

DOGTV may help, too, as the relaxation phase of DOG TV includes calming bio-acoustically engineered music.  Think of the safe place as a bunker in which your dog can hunker down until the event passes, serving a similar function to tornado bunkers in the tornado belt of the Midwest.

You need to escort your dog to the safe place at first until he learns its value.  In time, he may go there automatically.  Provide food, water, toys and entertainment for you dog while he is in the safe place to distract and occupy him.

Some people think pressure vests, like the Anxiety Wrap or Thunder Shirt, may help too, by providing a swaddling effect.  For the long run, it is eminently possible to desensitize dogs to their fear of fireworks.  A number of CDs of scary sounds, including the sound of fireworks, are available in stores or through the Internet.  Play recordings of the sound of fireworks at first at a very low level, rewarding your dog with special food treats for remaining calm.  Once he is comfortable at, say, volume 1 on your CD player, increase the volume a notch to, say, volume 2.

With this stepwise approach to introducing him to the scary sound of fireworks at ever increasing levels he should eventually be able to tolerate the real thing.

Finally, some dogs are so scared that medication is the only solution to deal with their phobiaadequately.  I have had success with medications ranging from melatonin (the hormone of sleep) to clonidine and Xanax.  It’s whatever works best for that dog so trial treatments are helpful ahead of time to get the right medication at the right dose.

We know that you are going to enjoy the 4th of July but we need to make sure that your pooch does not experience the worst day of his year while you are reveling.  With the approach above you should be able to ensure just that.


Nicholas Dodman BVMS, DVA, DACVA, DACVB

Program Director of the Animal Behavior Department of Clinical Sciences at Tufts University, MA



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7 Pieces of Awesome Furniture Your Dogs Will Completely Adore

Hi Humans, 

It’s just another barking Monday, which is a perfect time for our weekly treats. Today’s guest blogger is UK’s Tudor Davies, who’s been helping people transform their homes for many years with some cool useful ideas. Mr. Davis wanted to share with you all some fun ideas for pawesome pieces of furniture:

We all love our pets and want to make them feel a part of the family. Well the perfect way to make them feel at home is to give them a designated place in your home that is just theirs. Animals and in particular dogs are quite territorial, so giving them their own space is quite important. So to help your puppy make the transition into your home, check out these amazing pieces of doggy furniture:

 1. Concealed Doggy Bed


Perfect for giving your new dog a designated sleeping area in your bedroom, yet still giving you the option to hide it away during the day.

 2. Sofa Table Doggy Bed

A perfect cabinet for the living room that elegantly and functionally fits into your home.

 3. Doggy Bed Vintage TV

If you want to go one step further then this vintage TV doggy bed can be used to make a style statement within your home.

 4. Bench Doggy Bed


Kitchen benches like these have loads of unused space, so making use of them to create this dog bed is a great space saver.

 5. Laundry Room Doggy Bed


A laundry room is a great room for doggy accessories, especially when they are a bit older and you are trying to train your dog to sleep downstairs to protect your home.


6. Kitchen Cabinet Doggy Bowls

These built in doggy bowls can give your dog a designated place for feeding and drinking, plus they prevent you from always tripping over their bowls.

 7. Dog Hot Tub


Not for every dog but if they love getting wet and taking a bath then this is a great addition to your garden. For the passionate dog lover this is a must.


Hope you like these! For additional ideas view this blog.

Have a great week!!!


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Take Your Dog to Work Day: Job Titles for thePups of Powerful People

 Hi Humans, 

Canines everywhere are suiting up for the 16th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 20). In celebration, DOGTV has rounded up the pooches of some of the most powerful and talented figures in the world to see how they fit in to corporate America and beyond.

Check out this year’s list of the most office-ready dogs!

                                                Photo Credit: Michelle Obama


First Dogs – Bo and Sunny (Portuguese Water Dogs)

Owner: President Obama

As First Dogs of the United States, Bo and Sunny spend a lot of time attending state dinners and visiting the children of wounded warriors with the First Lady. If dogs could run for political office, Bo and Sunny would be first on the ballot.

         Photo Credit:

CEPs (Chief Executive Paw-ficers) – Luke and Laya (Golden Retrievers), Sadie (Cocker Spaniel), Sunny and Lauren (Springer Spaniels)

Owner: Oprah

Oprah’s powers of persuasion are no secret. Following in their mother’s direction, don’t be surprised if you see the powerful pups with their very own “Puprah’s Favorite Things” list in the future.


Photo Credit: WebProNews

VP (Vice Pooch) of Social Strategy – Beast (Hungarian Sheep Dog)

Owner: Mark Zuckerberg

With a Facebook following of 1.8 million, this is one pooch that knows how to draw a social audience. After all, he learned from the best.

 Photo Credit:

Chief Sniffer – Darwin (Viszla)

Owner: Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of Yelp

Darwin’s nose can sniff out all the best hydrants and tell you the dog parks to avoid. This pooch keeps ratings high and tails wagging at Yelp on a daily basis.


Photo Credit: NYDailyNews

The Princes and Princesses of Pampering – Holly and Willow (Corgis); Candy and Vulcan (Dorgis)

Owner: Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen is well known for her love of Corgis and ensures they receive nothing short of the royal treatment. These pampered pups are said to have a special menu prepared each day for them, and, when possible, are fed by QEII herself.


Photo Credit: WHDH

Chief Corres-paw-ndent– Gary Frick (Golden Retriever)

Owner: Jimmy Fallon

After making her debut as Jimmy Fallon’s go-to source for sports and election results, Gary is the Tonight Show’s only corres-paw-ndent. The girl knows how to suit up for the job.


Photo Credit: WPTV

Diplomutt – Ben (Labrador Retriever)

Owner: Former Vice President John Kerry

Named after one of our country’s most notable diplomats, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin F. Kerry literally jumps for joy over legislation. Never has there been a dog so enthusiastic about paw-litics.

Have a great week everyone!


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