DOGTV is the first 24/7 TV channel for dogs! Scientifically developed and pup approved, DOGTV was created exclusively for canines, and the humans who love them.   

DOGTV’s programming helps stimulate, relax, entertain and habituate your dog with exposure to various sights, sounds, objects and experiences from a dog’s point of view. The result: a confident, happy dog, who’s less likely to develop stress, separation anxiety or other related problems. 

DOGTV was developed by world leading pet industry experts. Created following three years of research on dog’s vision, hearing and behavior, DOGTV’s content was tested by Professor Nicholas Dodman (Tufts University). DOGTV is proven to be a valuable tool for home enrichment and has been backed by Victoria Stillwell, renowned trainer and host of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog”, Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Veterinarian” and more!

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  1. Mitzi Jo the dog
    8 years ago

    Yeh! Finally another place for a blogging dog to talk about. I am a dog that has been blogging for 2 years now and I am a also the story teller in a book series. My book site is http://www.adoggydaycareday.com I have also started a column for the Free Press here in Quakertown, PA and I am going to start my Therapy testing tonight. My human said she would love to have a channel she could trust to have the right content for us. (nothing scary)

  2. Blair Sorrel
    8 years ago

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  3. Lisa Woodoy
    7 years ago

    Love this! Found it through LinkedIn. What a great idea. Do you ever need topic suggestions? How about funny dog toys? We are the Internet’s only webstore to specialize in funny dog toys, treats, beds (yes beds) and more. See what you think!

  4. Kathie
    6 years ago

    I sure would like someone to contact me since you have my money but I haven’t been able to connect to Dog TV on my smart TV Or ROKU. I keep getting an error message. Your 24/7 help is out of time.

  5. Darlene Bolden
    5 years ago

    I do all occasions Dog Pawtys

  6. Marlene Phillips
    4 years ago

    How do I subscribe to Dog, TV?

    1. Ron Levi
      4 years ago

      Thanks! it’s simple: goto dogtv.com/online, and choose your package. using code “free30” you will get 30 days free. good luck!!

  7. Marlene Phillips
    4 years ago

    I want to subscribe to dog TV.

    1. Ron Levi
      4 years ago

      sure! goto dogtv.com and subscribe to watch on any device! woof!

  8. Karla Schuster
    4 years ago

    Hi Ron,
    I am a fairly new collage artist and want to get your permission to use the picture of the English bulldog in your website for derivative artwork. I’d use the picture to create a sketch and under painting, and then I would collage over it. The end result doesn’t always look like the original. Would that be okay with you? I hope to hear from you soon.
    Warm regards, Karla Schuster

    1. Ron Levi
      4 years ago

      Hi there,
      Just wondering which photo you were referring to? please email me at ron@dogtv.com so I can look into it. thanks!!

  9. 4APK.RU
    3 years ago

    Instead, novice owners are routinely advised to enforce “elevation dominance”, “dominance down-stays”, physical restraint and discipline and especially, the “ alpha -rollover” — grabbing a dog by the jowls and forcing him onto his back. Debating Terms vs. Training Dogs . Blog .

  10. Elena Black
    2 years ago

    My Story….. I am so sad! I need help! I feel helpless.
    On 3/6/18, My dog was reported to Dallas Animal Shelter to have been found and a pic of my dog was posted on the Shelter website. The finder told DAS to forward his number if the owner should call to claim the dog. That’s exactly what I did when I recognized my dog’s pic on the website on 3/14/18. The shelter gave me Hector & Jason ‘s number (finders) to claim my dog.
    Well on 3/15/18, after searching for my dog for more than 3months, I was beginning to feel relieved and excited that this quest has come to an end. I immediately called Hector & Jason.
    First of all Jason immediately informed me that he was an officer with DAS and he has to follow DAS required protocol; in order to release the dog to me, I will have to answer a few questions to verify I am the true owner. He said that this is a system for verification of ownership. He also told me that I am required to pass with at least 80%. Huh? FYI…..NOT TRUE! All lies.
    Anyways, he asked me a series of wack questions as follows;
    -the dog’s name,
    -food preference, (huh)
    – age,
    – gender(as if it didn’t say that online)
    – location last seen,
    – date last seen.
    That’s all! Really?
    After that he was quick to inform me that I have failed and I did not the match to be the owner.
    Wait a min! Failed????? How? Which one of those questions is a verifying question? What was he going by and how do I know? I would think he would ask questions pertaining to markings or microchip. Either way, as a finder he should be willing to let me come see the dog for myself. But he said he won’t let me see the dog for myself nor will he tell me what exactly I ‘missed’ matched but Oh yes, he mention that my address was way off to be my dog. BTW I later on found out they lived only about 7 miles away from me. He said that’s the conclusion and he hung up.

    Within minutes after that call, I sent him a series of videos and pics of Princess begging him to see for himself the markings and convince him she was an exact match. He replied with a text assuring me he will circle back around to me after he completes his investigation as he has 3 more people to call who are claiming to be owners of the dog. ‘No problem’ I thought confidently thinking he will for sure be calling me back.
    Well yes Jason called me back THE VERY NEXT DAY! Except he wasn’t calling me to pick up my dog but he was wanting to inform me that they found the owner. What? He insisted that it was for sure the right owner who was a 100% ‘match’ to his ‘protocol’ questions, the ‘owner’ proof with vet paperwork as far back as January 2017, and check this, He even said the owner told them that the dog had a hidden microchip and the owner told them where it was on the dog and that’s why Dallas Animal Shelter was unable to scan it initially. He said he verified everything and he has given the dog to this ‘rightful owner’.
    Not convinced I begged him to forward my number to this ‘owner’ and have him call me. I told him that as a dog owner I would happily contact anyone to rest assure any confusion to think my dog could be theirs. So I told him the ‘owner’ wouldn’t mind if he gave him my number.
    With that simple request, Jason said he wouldn’t do so. I understand if I asked for their number but everything became so suspicious when he refuses to forward my number to the ‘owner’. Jason said he wouldn’t do that because he didn’t see the purpose for that. He said I should consider this case ‘closed ‘ and hung up. BAM! Case CLOSED??? Case? Closed?

    The truth-
    – Jason nor Hector are NOT officers with Dallas Animal Shelter. That is my dog!
    -There is no such ‘owner’ as he claimed to have found. Lies!
    – The dog was still in their home specifically; his parents’ home.
    – I know this because after doing my own inquiry and investigation work, with the help of my neighbors’ support, I was able to locate the address and BOOM! I saw my dog. She was there at their home. I couldn’t get to her since it was a fenced property. . I knocked and stayed parked in front of the house for a good 4-5 hours. Their cars were all parked in the driveway and their neighbors confirmed that they were all home. More so, the neighbors said that they just noticed the new dog. They did not own a dog before. Well, at that point I thought it would be smart to get the police involved. I called the police. Given the priority level, it will take police another 2 hours to finally come. I waited! Determined!
    Finally the cops came(2 hours later). Shockingly Hector and his wife Delia came out as soon as the police knocked. Yea that’s right! They were in the house all that time. They admitted to the police that they have the dog. But I was so disappointed when the police gave me a report number and told me this was a civil matter. Oh no! Yes they did!

    – oh yes Check this, after that first conversation with Jason & Hector the day I called, they Immediately went and had my dog to microchipped. They told the cops the chipped the dog already (two days ago).

    – Everything they said were lies. From claiming to be an officer to finding the owner. They stole my dog and intentionally tried to mislead me. They had no intentions of ever reuniting the dog with the owner even if it wasn’t my dog. It is frustrating that people like Hector & Jason may just get away with this.
    Are we saying it is okay to take/find/steal someone’s dog, hide it, chip it , and then own it? Shouldn’t there be some kind of system that mediates disputes of this nature to determine the truth? It is not fair that someone can purposely and wrongfully own someone’s pet and there’s nothing you can do about it. IT IS NOT FAIR!
    I should have my dog back especially after looking for her dog tiredlessly for over 90days NON-STOP! Even DAS won’t help me. They say I should call the police.‍♀️
    Can you help me please?


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